Training After COVID-19: All Systems Go

Unintentionally, I jumped on a trend. I miss a lot of those, but at least I can honestly say that this idea was an independent one since I didn’t even realize it was a thing. Between a hamstring injury in the spring, and contracting COVID-19 in the summer, I did a lot of walking. A LOT. Somewhere in the middle of all of that, I decided I wanted to walk a marathon as my version of “epic” this year. I’ve never attempted a marathon outside of IRONMAN before, and still don’t have a desire to train to run a standalone. But to walk 26.2 miles of my own design was cathartic, cleansing, and proof to myself I was ok.

It was a beautiful October day. Sunny, windy, chilly in the morning and ending in the high 70’s. I plotted my route as an out-and-back past the homes of four friends, one of whom even put on a fabulous live driveway show for me. I had some close friends join me along the way–some for a couple miles, some for several, some from cars, and some bearing tequila. I finished with a good deal more difficulty than I actually expected (not because of the tequila; that didn’t create difficulty until the next day). I really underestimated the effort and even pain involved in speed-walking a marathon. After a 7 hour and 28 minute walk, I felt sore and accomplished. Perfect.

While there were no chest pains during my marathon walk, I was still having some flare ups in the following days. So I turned again to my coach. We looked at my diet. With such a reduced training load and increased body fat percentage, the temptation for me was to restrict my diet. That was a mistake. I wasn’t losing any fat, nor was I providing my body the nourishment it needed. Lose-lose. Turns out, the time during recovery from COVID-19 is not the time to try to lean out (duh, lady).

The prescription was more healthy calories and a lot more protein while not restricting good carbs. We’ll worry about the extra flab later. I also needed to add electrolytes. Game. Changer. The gallon of water I drink daily had to be balanced with heart-healthy minerals. My body was out of whack and I was whacking it up even more in an attempt to hydrate.

My supplement regimen is heavy but specific and based on all the research I could possibly do on such a new disease. Vitamin C, D, B-12, Zinc, Turmeric, Magnesium, CBD oil, and essential Amino Acids, all daily.

With one final Cardiology follow up, bloodwork better than ever, and a normal EKG, it is time to go to work. It was a 90-day recovery. While I don’t think I’m quite the same as pre-COVID, I can safely put in the effort to get my fitness and my sanity back. I’ve been lifting heavier, running more often, and having a blast playing on my new cross/gravel bike, Oscar. He’s green and I love him.

As 2020 goes, it’s not all good news. I lost a family member to COVID-19 earlier this week. He battled since early September and was not as lucky as I am. My heart hurts for his children and grandchildren.

Mask up, wash your damn hands, and stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Training After COVID-19: All Systems Go

  1. I’m glad you’re on the road to recovery and normalcy, but I’m also saddened and sorry for the loss of your loved one.

    Speed walking a marathon is hard. I’ve run a few marathons and know the feeling after, but I never hurt as bad as when I did a run 1 min/speed walk 1 min for 10 miles with a couple people.

    Good job out of you young lady!


  2. I’m sorry for the loss of your loved one. Sending you hugs!

    I’m happy to see you are recovering and challenging yourself in new ways. Walking a marathon is a challenge! Keep moving forward and getting stronger every day!

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